College Planning

A post-secondary education opens the door to opportunities for a financially confident life and people who earn a college degree typically have more career options and higher average incomes than those without. However, the costs of higher education are ever-increasing, putting it out of reach for many. Whether you wish to pursue a college degree yourself or want to ensure your children have that chance, college planning helps you prepare and save to ease the burdens of paying for a post-secondary education later.

Plan for the Future

Paying for a university education involves much more than the cost of tuition. Schools charge additional fees, increasing the price of attendance, but you also must consider books and school supplies and housing and living expenditures. Education planning entails an evaluation of all fees and strategies for saving to cover those costs, some of which are tax-free options.

Education Planning Options to Grow Your Savings

We work with you to calculate potential expenses and evaluate your current financial situation. Together, we will determine which of the following college savings vehicles meet your needs:

  • 529 plans
  • Prepaid tuition plans
  • Coverdell education savings accounts
  • Roth IRAs
Saving for College 101

Saving for College 101

Here’s a crash course on saving for college.
Should You Tap Retirement Savings to Fund College?

Should You Tap Retirement Savings to Fund College?

There are three things to consider before dipping into retirement savings to pay for college.

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